Orange Elephant Inc. is  a young and dynamic company. We are working hard to introduce to Canadian market innovative and never-seen-before products that have not only unique design, but also amazing taste and quality. When starting the company we were not looking into earning profit, rather than helping the developing countries to introduce their innovative products in the demanding and diverse Canadian market. 

Where you can find our products?
  • Marche Kohinoor, Laval

  • Epicerie Grand Centrale, Laval

  • Sevan Lahmajon, Laval

  • Charcuterie Fromagerie Mourad, Laval

  • Intermarché Palumbo, Laval

  • Marché Balkan, Laval

  • Hawaii, Laval

  • Marché EHI Inc, Montreal

  • AMR Frutierie, Montreal

  • Orkida Epicerie-Boucherie, Montreal

  • PE-KO International Canada, Montreal

  • Marche Beau Soir,Montreal

  • Marche Lian Tai, Montreal

  • Supermarche Byblos, Montreal

  • Frutta Si Supermarche, Montreal

  • Boulangerie Gugo, Montreal

  • Marché Latina80, Montreal

  • Supermarche IMAN, Montreal

  • Honey For My Honey, Toronto

How to get our products into your store?

It's simple, just contact us either by email or telephone!


Let us know which articles you are looking into ordering and the quantities thereof!

Make sure to provide the address, contacts, as well as the legal name of your company!

And we'll be happy to deliver the products right into your store shortly!

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